Long stab formula of Dragon Tiger

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 The style of entering the formula is similar to using the Baccarat formula. Players will bet on one side repeatedly. Using the Dragon Tiger technique, long thrust, it is necessary to look at the card issue pattern first. If issued in a dragon style That is, one side is repeated about three or four times. Use this opportunity to continue stabbing until the cards come out on the other side. From the statistics that have been played for the most part, if the UFABET card starts to repeat, it will continue to come out on the same side, up to about 10 rounds.

        There are also other gambling formula applications in playing Tiger Dragon until getting rich. Dragon Tiger formula and techniques make you rich. in a bizarre form as well.

Long stab formula of Dragon Tiger

odd bet formula

        Because the playing style of Dragon Tiger cards generally uses about 5 decks of cards, consisting of 120 pairs of cards and 140 odd cards, it can be seen that the chances that the cards will come out are more odd. If from the beginning of the game, 20 odds, 20 odds, 10 more times left to bet on odds in a row, because Dragon Tiger cards, we will be able to bet on odd pairs only during the first 50 eyes. And even if the odds payout is 0.75, it’s worth the risk. Because the less the dealer pays, it means there are more chances to come out.

Ping Pong Recipe

        Before starting to use this formula, you need to look at how the cards are drawn. If the tiger and dragon side alternating win 3 times, we can start to bet on the other side, for example, this time the tiger is out. The next round stabs the dragon. Keep doing this until the card is repeated.

The formula follows you.

        It will use the compounding formula plus a long stab into it. but will rely mainly on the dealer, for example, if the cards are repeated as a dragon’s tail and then the dealer Next round, we move to bet on the banker’s side, etc.

2 consecutive stabbing formulas

        It is an application of the Baccarat formula. Although difficult to use, it can help reduce the chance of losing quite a bit. Suitable for a period of low capital waiting for profit playing cards tiger dragon not quite yet In which we will place bets to win 2 consecutive eyes, for example, placing a bet of 50, if winning the next round, roll up to 100, if winning again, come back to start at 50, meaning that in 2 winning rounds, we have paid 150, if losing, return Start at 50 until it’s right until we move to 100. In conclusion, when we lose, we only lose 50. If we win 2 times in a row, we have 150 profits. Play 5 games, win 2, lose 3, it’s still equal to capital.