Antoni strikes pressure on Ajax to let go Ghost

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Samba forward Antoni has been linked with a move for Ajax Amsterdam on Sunday. In protest of his refusal to let him go to Manchester United. Despite the offer of a beautiful piece of matter.

Sunday Mirror News reports that Antoni , the Brazilian winger. Protesters refused to play for Ajax Amsterdam in the game away to Utrecht on Sunday August 28. In order to pressure them to let them join the Manchester United army after the latest offers are large sums. Still does not make his agency soft-hearted to rock to play in the English Premier League. 

Antoni strikes pressure on Ajax to let go Ghost

The giant club of the windmill league. Just rejected an offer worth 90 million euros, or about 3,240 million baht that United submitted because they set a price of around 100 million euros, or about 3,622 million baht, making the players feel very disappointed because they want to move to play. Give the Red Devils a lot.

Recently, it has been reported that the 22-year-old will not play in the Dutch Eredivisie this weekend. As a strike against allowing him to move, the player and his agent are believed to have held talks with the club on Friday. to find a solution But still got the same answer: will not release if the desired amount is not obtained

The Ajax board will meet again on Sunday. which the report states. A cracking sound began to come out. because some people think. The Red Devils latest offer is too good to refuse. And fear that forcing Samba footballers who are not satisfied with the UFABET team will continue to do more harm than good But in the end, it depends on the resolution of the board meeting.

As for Manchester United, it is expected to make a final offer in the next few days. Because the market is close to closing on Thursday, September 1, and although it is a difficult situation, but Erik ten Hag, the Dutch boss. Ready to wait and still determined to sign with his former teammates.