Anche helps 2 Brazilian players after Madrid win the Copa America

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Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti praised the Brazilian duo in particular. After his side’s win over Osasuna. won the Copa del Rey title successfully last night

   The Copa del Rey final between   Real Madrid and Osasuna took place at the Estadio Olimpico de Sevilla (central stadium). It appears that the opening half of the first half is just 2 minutes. The “White King” soars to a 1-0 lead from the unique ability of Vinicius Junior. Bringing the ball through the penalty area on the left side. Let Rodrigo Goes swish under the water through the block, tung the UFABET net. and ended the first half with such a score

Anche helps 2 Brazilian players after Madrid win the Copa America

          Returning to play in the second half, in the 58th minute, Osasuna achieved a 1-1 draw, Lucas Torro kept falling in front of the penalty area, bent down with the right side of the water, the ball bounced off the ground past Thibaut Courtois’s hand . Absolutely the first pillar. However, in the 70th minute, “White King” opened the game to attack on the left, Vinicius Junior pulled into the penalty area before rolling back for Toni Kroos to deflect a deflected shot into Rodrigo, leaving Real Madrid unbeaten. Leading 2-1 to the end of the game, Real Madrid defeated Osasuna 2-1 to win the 2022-23 Copa del Rey. As well as picking up this list of champions “The White King” was the 20th

          However, the game heated up early in the first half with two yellow cards each before halftime and Vinicius Junior was the target of the Osasuna defensive attack. By the time the players leave the field in the first half. TV cameras captured an argument between players in the tunnel. which Vinicius It appears to have been brought back by two of Real’s substitutes, with Moy Gomez serving as a divorcee for Osasuna. 

   After the game, Carlo Ancelotti hailed Vinicius Junior as “unstoppable” and Rodrigo Goes as “amazing” after the two Brazilian strikers combined. Great work together “We played well for 30 minutes, Vinicius was unstoppable,” Ancelotti said at his post-match press conference. “After that we had a little bit of fear, the team wasn’t calm, I calmed them down a little bit. (at halftime)”

          Vinicius was shown a yellow card just before the break for a collision with an Osasuna player. “This team has to do one thing. That’s playing football. So we did well,” said Ancelotti. “Otherwise means losing control and concentration. we have to play football The second half got off to a bad start. they can always beat And fortunately, Rodrigo changed the dynamic of the game. “We don’t know where (Rodrigo’s) ceiling is,” added Ancelotti. “It’s hard to say. He is a very exciting player. he can score goals And he is improving in an amazing way.